Karla Vargas

OCC Consultores is an integral condominium management company, they watch over the interest of each of their condominium owners assets and care about an adequate risk management. They are one of the most professional condominium managers I’ve worked with.

Marcos Tabor Reimers

The execution of the budget, which is often the biggest concern, is completely transparent and they correctly manages the information of the condominium, attentive to answer any query that may arise.

Yaacov Berman

They strive to update themselves to have tools that facilitate their work and always seek improvements in assets so that the value of our assets is maintained and increased. Their human capital, customer service and prompt solution to the difficulties that arise, make the difference.

Anthony Capezza

I  am  of  the  opinion  that  OCC  Consultores  will  definitely  be  an  asset  to  your  association.   

Daniel Pellerin

I do business with them since 4 years. They are always very professional and reliable. They are very good with preventive maintenance and administration. They know what they are doing and they do it on time.

I highly recommend them!.

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