Rentals by OCC is a company committed to providing quality service while guaranteeing the well-being, health, and safety of each of our guests and personnel. We are continuously monitoring the development of COVID-19 around the world, in our beautiful Costa Rica, and especially in our Guanacaste province. For this reason, we want to share some important guidelines that we are contemplating:

What does Rentals by OCC do to guarantee the safety of our guests?

  • Follow the guidelines and recommendations of our local authorities, in this case the Ministry of Health.
  • Our staff has personal protective equipment
  • We reinforced our cleaning protocol
  • Self-check in (check available units) was implemented -to avoid direct contact. If a self-check-in is not possible: our rental agent will appear with protective equipment to assist you (gloves and acrylic mask)
  • A small container of hand sanitizer is provided as a courtesy
  • We have trained our staff regarding the procedures to follow
  • Self-check-out was implemented to avoid direct contact. In this way we guarantee the tranquility and security of our guests and staff.

What steps are being taken to clean the units?

  • Our staff enters with personal protective equipment to perform the cleaning service (gloves, masks, and acrylic masks)
  • The units are disinfected with quality products, confirming the presence of Quaternary Ammonium, and effective to combat the viruses.
  • We follow strict standards of cleaning and disinfection

The rental unit does not have a private pool, is it safe to use the pool in the common area?

  • Each condominium has its swimming pool in the common areas, the companies in charge of managing them guarantee punctual cleaning.
  • Condo keepers have doubled cleaning in areas of frequent contact for your safety.
  • Each condominium has a protocol for using the pool, mostly to keep under your social bubbles. Contact us to find out which one applies to you.

I would like to purchase the Concierge services with you, what guarantee do you have of the providers that are used?

  • Rentals by OCC guarantees that we work with business partners who, like us, are committed to your well-being, complying with a cleaning protocol that ensures your health. We are cautious so that together you enjoy your vacation pleasantly.

 What steps has Rentals by OCC taken with its staff during the pandemic?

  • During quarantine days, staff was sent on vacation to avoid risk.
  • In the mid activation time, the staff is working part time, keeping their jobs.
  • We have been concerned with verifying the well-being of all our employees.
  • Complying the guidelines of the Ministry of Health, staff must immediately report any flu symptoms to be sent for a medical check out.
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