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OCC Consultores is a company that manages condominium complexes, private residential units and a rental program. With a 100% costarrican DNA, we operate with an efficient focus and outstanding customer service in Guanacaste. With a vast experience in managing luxury beach condominiums, through the attention to details and committed to standardized processes, our team has achieved to build trust in our customers throughout the years, for them to relax and venture in their Costa Rican experience while we take care and manage their assets. 


After several years of working in a high-end resort, Carolina, Carlos and Omar identified a business opportunity and decided to run a new venture together funding their own company in common areas management as a core business.

Our first years of operation were focused on standarizing procedures to ensure great costumer service. Facing all the condominiums responsibilities supported the board of directors of each client to achieve goals like avoiding delinquencies, complying with budgets, accomplishing maintenance projects, among others.

Our division for Residential Unit Management called "Solutions" was created. Answering to our customers needs guided us to develop this product. After building a solid relationship with our clients, they started to trust us with more responsabilites in taking care of their assets, not only external but now internal services such as supervision, maintenance and cleaning of their units.

Our Rental Program starts operating this year with an exhaustive vision, knowing that in order to generate profits the path for success in this business is a well-maintained unit and a management whose principal interest is caring thoroughly about the owner's unit quality.

Guided by our strategic focus and listening to our customers we will keep on growing to over pass their expectations.

The Founding Team

Each member of the team contributes with years of experience related to the industry. They lead with passion, transparency and excellence towards quality.   

Omar Sancho

Omar Sancho, this father of two, is a project management expert that has being living in the area for more than 14 years his working experience in Guanacaste started…

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Carlos Zumbado

Carlos Zumbado, with a vast knowledge of the hospitality industry and a degree in hotel and restaurant management, Carlos has deep customer service qualities.

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Administrative staff

Attention to details and efficiency are the key elements of our Human Resources, Accounting, Operations, Solutions and Rentals departments to support into the company success.

It is not only about who we are,
but who do we find solutions for?

Home Owner´s Associations: conformed condos associations looking for a company that can help them excel the community expectations regarding managing common budgets, annual assemblies, follow up on legal matters, fees collection and common maintenance.

Residential Unit Owners:  beach house, condos or villas owners looking for a professional company that can take care of preventive maintenance, cleaning and rental program of the unit.

Developers: construction companies bringing to life real estate developments that prefer to choose a high-end management company to handle all details regarding condominiums and owner’s organization.

Management at its Best

Committed and passionate

It is a fullfilling and singular feeling to get help  in a foreign country from people who love and feel passionate about what they do. At OCC the services you will receive will always be outstanding because we have a great team that is committed, passionate and wanting to help you.

Hands on

You can count with our weekly supervisions in your unit: done! – monthly reports: check! – quality control with vendors: of course! OCC is actively involved in each detail of your condominium or residential unit. 

Proactive and Responsive

Our standards allow us to correct issues before they turn into problems. We mantain constant communication with owners with fast and efficient response to their needs, finding cost-effective solutions to ensure the long-term condition of the property.


We are committed to the environment, which is why our practices will revolve around it.

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